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Think flexible and grab-and-go. Plus don’t forget a key essential!

Here are a few tips of what to take with you so that you pack compactly and dress with confidence in paradise:

1. Non-wrinkling, grab-and-go

When you’re on-vacation and enjoying that laid-back vibe you’re not going to want to spend time thinking about your outfits. Having a few pieces that are easy-wear is essential. Think: “I can roll it up in a ball and it’ll still look good.” Some combination fabrics – including poly-viscose (more often than not made from bamboo fibres nowadays) and cotton-poly-viscose are cool and are designed not to wrinkle. C’est parfait pour quand je suis dans le sud en vacances!

2. Flexible

Choose a couple of dresses that that easily transition from the beach to lunch, or from the pool to dinner.

Okay, you’re hungry, and tired from a bit too much sun and a possible cocktail before noon (uhum… no judging), you’re not going to want to go all the way back to your room to change. Think beach cover-up turned sundress. Dresses that can function as both are a great choice for your down-south wardrobe. Plus pop a bangle and some earrings in your beach bag and you’re all set!

3. Lightweight cardi or bolero.

What, you say? A cardigan down south? No, we’re not talking about a knit here. We’re talking about a super lightweight jacket or bolero that can be worn over your sundresses and other outfits.

Our BB Mesh-sleeved bolero is a perfect example of this - a little jacket that allows you to transition

easily from late afternoon to evening and dinner out without getting changed. It’s lovely to eat dinner on the patio and watch the sun go down, however the breeze can be a bit chilly. Don’t let it be an issue for you – come prepared! Our BB Mesh hoodie is a fun modern cover-up alternative.

So, what is your wardrobe pack-list?

- 2 sundresses (with at least one that can be rolled up and put in your beach-bag)

- A lightweight bolero or jacket

- A cotton or cotton-blend top and linen-cotton shorts for a day trip

- A bangle and a pair of earrings that go with the whole wardrobe

My recommendations for footwear?

- Shiny casualwear sandals (think metallic Birkenstocks or similar) that can be worn to the patio restaurant for lunch to dinner and out on a day-trip

- Non-scuff supportive flip-flops for the beach and pool

We hope that this helps you get ready for your time in the sun. Yay!

For other wardrobe suggestions and to see our full cruise wear selection please come and visit us or book an appointment (we do virtual too!).

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Okay, so you’ve done “the big switchover” and now you’re looking at your Fall wardrobe and thinking that it looks a bit too “yesterday” but you’re not sure what it needs, or more importantly, what YOU need to feel modern and confident this Fall. Here are the top 3 must-have styles for this Fall season:

Pleather pants

An absolute MUST this season. Very hot! Wear it straight-leg or skinny and pair with a cute sweater or cardi. Or for an ultimate power boost, wear with a blazer.

Pop of Spring - Rose

An unexpected colour has become expected this season. Rusts, olive tones, and tans are still in but so are colours normally associated with

Spring such as rose.

Hip-length Sweater

Embracing the straight-leg (and wider) pant has meant welcoming back hip-lengths again. A well chosen quality sweater can be flexible across your wardrobe - to the office, a Zoom meeting, or coffee with friends.

Helping you to look and feel your best is what we do each and every day. Come on in or book an appointment online, and let us take the stress out of building a designed-for-you wardrobe. Trust the experts.

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Have you ever had that moment when you put something on only to discover that what looked good on you six months ago does nothing for you now?

This is where a carefully curated wardrobe or at least a carefully selected few outfits come in handy. These outfits should draw attention to your best features and downplay others. They should help you glow and look alive by being in the right colourway for you and in the right shade. Not all reds are the same as we all well know for example, and the same goes for blues, purples,… you get the idea.

Enter the Fashion Stylist. Someone who is on your team and can navigate you through the fashion maze. But why? Why should you relinquish the reins you ask?

1. To clearly define your personal style.

Your personal style refers to your unique fashion identity which comprises a blend of influences such as your personality, occupation, world-view, things you like, and fashion role models. Of course, we always have a fair idea of this identity, given that we have consciously learned to dress over time. Still, the fact that we do not get our outfits right sometimes is a reflection of not having a clearly-defined personal style. An expert can help you with this.

2. To identify your key colours and silhouettes.

Our bodies change as we move through life. Not just in obvious ways such as a freshly minted sun spot, but also in less obvious ones like what colours align with our skin undertones now (versus what used to). You may have at one point for example looked great in earthy tones like olive and cinnamon, but now when you wear them you just seem to disappear into the background. Or perhaps fuschia used to look great on you, but now it is too harsh. You are not the same person now as you were at twenty – nor two years ago for that matter – and neither is your body.

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, a true fashion professional knows how to eye you up and identify what your best colours and silhouettes are. They may in fact surprise you, and if you have been wearing things that aren’t suited to you for a long time, you may in fact be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone. But as many can attest to, it is well worth the leap of faith when you look in the mirror each morning and love what you see and receive compliments on an ongoing basis.

3. Brainstorming for fashion ideas is no longer your sole responsibility.

True, that there is a succinct sense of accomplishment when you nail an outfit however when you miss the mark you can be left going about your day with less confidence and energy than you otherwise would have.

Your stylist will not only help out with ideas for effective shopping, they will give you many ideas for what to wear for specific occasions such as formal meetings, outdoor garden weddings, date nights, boat days, and coffee outings with friends.

4. Be social with confidence.

Humans are social creatures, and we are also wired to read social cues including from what someone wears. It helps orient us, and guide us through a world full of millions of daily distractions and signals that would otherwise make the day exhausting. That said, it is important that we dress so that we not only communicate the right message and therefore the way people see us, but also such that we feel confident and aligned with who we are. With professional guidance from a fashion stylist, your outfits will make you look and feel great at all times. You can imagine the enormous impact of this on your esteem, on how you interact with others, and on the impression you leave.

5. Save time and mental energy.

We have so much to think about and to do, and as it turns out research tells us that the more choice we have (above about four options), actually makes us less happy (see this article among many others for more reading on this topic: A decision, when presented with many choices, becomes a burden, something we have to mentally slog through not to mention it being time consuming.


A Bonita Bold Fashion Stylist cuts through what doesn’t work for you and gets right to what will, saving you time and energy so that you can focus on what really matters to you.

So are you ready? Ready to make your morning routine easy and always look and feel good in what you wear?

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