There are a few things to consider when choosing a pattern. Making sure that that particular pattern is right for you, and knowing how to wear it. Below we break it down for you into bite-size tips.

How to choose the right pattern for you?

If you are someone that is drawn to big pattern but are small in structure, a big pattern can still work for you depending on where it is placed on the garment and the repeat in the pattern itself. Oftentimes a small blended pattern works well for smaller frames and features. A curvy silhouette can generally wear both provided that the undertone colours are correct.

How to make sure that colour suits your skin tone?

First of all, ensure that the overall colour-scheme suits your skin-tone. This will be the colour that most stands out in the outfit. In the picture here the obvious dominant colour is fuschia. In the pants below it is clearly the pink in the flowers.

We will cover this in more detail in a future blog post but basically a quick tip is to stand in lighting that is most representative of where you will be wearing your outfit (eg. Outdoor barbecue, make sure you’re standing by a window. If it’s the office, try to be in a place with a bright-white or “cold-ish” light). Hold the colour against your face and see if it makes you come alive or you feel like you’ve become a cast-member of the Walking Dead. I know, I know, it probably won’t be that dramatic, but the base tone in a colour really does have an impact and you’ll be able to see that immediately.

What to wear with your pattern?

All patterns have a predominant base colour (or two sometimes) that you can pick out and use to pair pants or a top with. You can choose to complement that colour or you can choose a contrast colour that still makes sense with the pattern. In the photo above, black straight-leg capris were chosen as this is the base-colour in the pattern. In general, black, grey, navy and white are often good for both complementing a pattern and for providing a bit of a contrast. In this photo, as I love bold colours, I chose to go with the predominant lipstick pink in the pattern with this light-knit Spring sweater.

Got questions? Would you like help?

Our Fashion Stylists are here to help you consistently pick out the perfect outfit for you, and to help you to LIVE BOLD. Just message us on social media @bonitaboldfashion, email us at, or send us a message via our form here! We can book an in-store (once lockdown restrictions permit) or virtual one-on-one consultation with you.

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Time to soak up the warm sun rays and enjoy the beautiful colours of Spring. This year has been challenging and everyone has commented on how it has given them space to reflect, to be present, and to be grateful for the small things in life.

Feeling good starts with you and how you start your day, and small things like the colours you choose to wear can affect your state of mind. You may not feel like you have anywhere to go right now, but dressing for you and having fun continues to be important. We aim to bring you joy with our womenswear, with many options that are cheery, high-quality, and unique.

Our clothes are not just something you wear. They’re a feeling. Check out this soft cotton knit T, doesn’t that pooch make you smile? Or what about the colours in this dress? A big way you express yourself is through your clothing.

We help you figure out what colours look best on you and styles – then we whip up creative outfits just for you. Tops, light Spring knits, dresses, jeans, vegan handbags – you name it, we’ve got a lot of solutions just for you that speak to where we are in this journey right now. Casual with a big touch of fun!

So let's have some fun together safely and embrace Spring in all its colourful glory.

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As we approach Mother’s Day, I find myself asking exactly what is it to be a mother? Is it that when you come out the other side you are a better person as your children have diligently shaved off your rough edges each and everyday? Is it the wide emotional spectrum we experience? Or perhaps is it better summed up in experiences and moments?

This picture here is from a couple of years ago when I was pregnant with our second child but it’s still one of my favourite pictures. It’s one of the most joyous little moments I’ve had with my intense, intelligent, independent daughter and it was over in a snapshot. My very talented friend from Shanna DaSilva Photography was able to skillfully capture that moment and many others while my two-year old ran around and generally refused to have her photo taken.

In these last few weeks I’ve had to adapt once again as many mothers have had to, to a different or perhaps more enlarged role. I am now a teacher, full-time daycare provider and pastor to my children. I never trained as an early childhood educator, nor ever planned to be with my children 24/7 however here I am. I am constantly in shock at the sheer rollercoaster ride of emotions I go through each and every day as a mother. I can go from bubbly happy, to raging angry, to chirpy patient within 120 seconds. Then stand awestruck as to where the lion came from or how I even managed to get it under control again. I cry when I consider how at any moment I may be randomly exterminated and may not be there for their moments of need, and laugh at the mind-boggling crazy moments I have where I say things that previous to having children I would never have dreamed of saying like: don’t put your foot in the potty, or please try not to eat lady-bugs.

I am often in wonder as well. Humorously, at how I made it through yet another day while being massively sleep-deprived, or for example how my two children can both love and dislike each other in the same moment. A hug in one second, to a disparate scream as my toddler son wreck’s my 4-year old’s creation for the umpteenth time that day. It’s a miracle really that humans can live under the same roof, and here we are. Not built for isolation, nor built for constant contact.

As a mother I have also learned a lot. One of the practical takeaways is the importance of getting enough quality sleep. I cannot be at my best for my family otherwise. Another thing I’ve learned is to not feel guilty for my desire to be productive beyond caring for my children, nor for accepting that in order to be my best self for them that I need to take a little bit of time each day for me. My physical and mental health is important I have learned - ignore it at my family’s peril.

I have also learned to work hard to be present, to take in all of the small glorious moments that make up a life worth living. Like the tender moment of holding your baby for the first time and fondly taking in every last detail of their precious little face. The celebratory moment that only a parent can partake in with the human they brought into the world when they go “pee pee on the potty” for the first time.

How about those big moments that you experience first-hand or that you’re there to guide your child through or celebrate with them? Their first words, first day of school, first award, first full-time job. The heartache when they experience a break up, the sadness when they experience loss. Their wedding day, a big career move, birth of their baby. The list is endless and the moments are priceless, practically impossible to quantify and qualify.

So on this Mother’s Day, I would like to ask how you will take a moment to honour both your mother and yourself? How will you honour that fantastic and fierce multi-faceted woman in you called Mom, Mommy, Mama? Happy Mother’s Day.



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