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3 Tips to make choosing your Valentine's Day Outfit Easy

What to Wear on Valentine’s Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day, there are so many things to think about! What colour should you wear? What type of flowers should you get for your sweetheart? How much chocolate can you reasonably consume in one day? (Just kidding, or maybe not…) All valid questions. That's why we've put together a guide so as to at least take the legwork out of the wardrobe question.

Try Different Textures

Texture helps to not only create dimension and therefore interest to an outfit but also helps set the overall tone of the look. If you're going for a soft look, try wearing lace or velvet. These fabrics are incredibly romantic and sophisticated. If you want to feel bold, try wearing leather or denim. These fabrics are strong and edgy, giving you that extra boost of confidence you could use on Valentine's Day.

Lace for example gives off a soft feminine vibe but can be funked up when paired with a blazer or light denim jeans (or both!) to keep it looking modern and fun. If you want the fun modern vibe try a lace top paired with pleather drawstring pants, or a cute knit sweater like this flamingo one here paired with a pleather skirt. Keep playing around with different textures to get the exact feel you're looking for.

Go for the Vibe You're After

When you're choosing what to wear for Valentine's Day, it's easy to get stuck in a rut. After all, there are only so many shades of pink and red to choose from. So, try going about it from a different angle. Go for a colour that reflects how you want to feel or be perceived.

Are you feeling ethereal and romantic? Bold and sexy? Or do you just want to feel comfortable and go for something fun? If you're feeling a soft, romantic vibe for Valentine’s Day, choose neutral tones like blush or beige. If you want to feel sexy and bold, go for richer hues like red, burgundy, or purple. Or even try pretty florals or bold tropical prints that carry tones reminiscent of Valentine’s Day can do the trick.

Think Undertones

Choosing what’s right for you also depends a lot on your skin’s undertone. If you're not sure what colour suits you, try on di

fferent colours and their various shades in front of a mirror. Remember that everyone has a different complexion and what looks good on one person won't necessarily look good on another.

For example, peach is a great colour for those with warm undertones. But if you have cool undertones, you'll want to avoid peach as it might clash with your complexion. Red is a great colour for those with warm undertones, but it can make those with cool undertones look washed out.

If you're not sure, try out a few, snap a few photos (in good natural lighting), and pick the best ones!

Try something new

Be careful too! Just because you love a colour doesn’t mean it necessarily looks good on you. Be daring, go for something you wouldn’t normally be drawn to and you might just be surprised at how well it suits you.

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