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Aging and knowing how to dress

Okay, so it happened again. You looked in the mirror and you did not recognize the face staring back at you.

Aging is a difficult thing to navigate. What we once took for granted – our youth, our beauty, our energy – quickly begins to fade. It can really unnerve you, forcing you to learn to accept and get acquainted with the new you.

This process is not only about learning that more makeup does not make it better anymore, but also learning how to dress your body for this new you in a way that makes you feel confident and projects the person that you want others to see.

Personal brand

Creating your personal brand that is free of limiting beliefs and highlights your best features is something you can learn how to do. A great reference and help for this is a book by Canadian author Michel Gustafson "Show Up Confident".

Perhaps being bold and sophisticated is part of who you are (or would like to be), so look for confident colours that complement your skin tone and eyes in styles that continue to highlight your best features. Beware! The colours that looked good on you 15 years ago are not necessarily the same ones that will look good on you now.

How to dress your new body

Perhaps you have lost a lot of weight and are no longer sure how to dress your body, or you have gained around the tummy area, or maybe your thighs are much thinner than they used to be. The list of changes goes on, and they can be a challenge to navigate. The formula for how to dress this new you is simple:

  • Look for a couple of your best features.

They might be new ones, or they might be an altered version of the same ones – and focus on highlighting those. Are your eyes a beautiful colour? Choose colours that are similar and help them pop. Maybe you are busty, wear a tasteful V-neck. Perhaps you have a great smile, wear designs that draw attention up towards your face.

  • Choose styles that speak to who you want to be seen as.

Free yourself of your limiting beliefs. Still wearing all black for example? Why? What are you hiding from? You have great features and a great personality and there are colours and styles that will speak to that and make you memorable.

Highlighting your best features

Let's do a deeper dive here into how to highlight your best features.

Pay attention to necklines, design details that add volume or create an hourglass silhouette, cool shades or warm shades and different degrees of those shades. A combination of all of these factors will provide you with your new go-to template of what to wear.

For example, if you’re an apple body shape with fair skin, this will likely mean that you show off your ‘girls’ and highlight your thin legs while at the same time choosing cool tones. For a pear shape with darker skin this can mean creating volume with a design detail around the shoulders and neck and choosing warm shades or bold cool ones like deep magenta.

At Bonita Bold our fashion stylists help you put together a wardrobe for you through our one-on-one sessions where you will walk away with a Pro Tip Card that tells you exactly what styles and colours look great on you plus several outfit tips and ideas

You absolutely can navigate this new season of life with relative ease, sometimes it just means asking for a little help. Book an appointment with us today, the full fee goes towards your purchase and we are happy to work with you outside of store hours.

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