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Get up and Get Dressed

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As we’ve seen our daily lives transform into a new normal, the large majority of us have had to adjust significantly, predominantly to a life which revolves around the home. Aside from the usual, we now work from home, homeschool at home, and socialize at home in a virtual format. This can lead one to be drawn to get up later, stay in their jammies well into the afternoon, and carry around a mug of coffee for most of the day never fully committing to the day at hand.

While staying in your PJs some days is okay, doing so everyday is bad for your mental health and overall mood. Although it may be more comfortable you think, it doesn’t get your mind prepared to fully engage with the day. After working from home for well over a year now, I have learned the importance of sticking to a routine, I mean actually following through, not just having a plan. Simple things like getting up by 6:30am, washing your face, putting on a bit of makeup (for those of us who consider it part of our “armor” and enjoy it), eating breakfast, setting the kids up for an awesome homeschooling day all before 9am… all of these small details set the stage for you to have a productive day. It’s also just as important to choose clothes that make you feel good – clean, professional, comfortable, competent – so that you have no problem jumping on a video-call or making a video for that matter for your customers.

Choosing something that is a true expression of you and that brings out the best version of you is paramount. I doubt very much that your jammies are a true expression of you, or rather, what you want the world to interpret as the real you. Respect yourself and get dressed for success even if it is currently within the confines of your own home. You define yourself and are in charge of your future.

Take charge, get up, and get dressed.

- Lorna

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