Happy Holidays - Feel good and stay that way

"Happy holiday, happy holiday, happy holiday, while the merry bells keep ringing..."

It's so important to be kind to yourself and to respect your need to feel good during these strange times that we are all learning to adapt to. I have found that time and time again what I put on can go a long way to affecting how I feel about myself and my mood.

I know that a beautiful sparkly sweater can make me feel bright and cheery just by looking at it, or the simple act of changing out of my jeans into my work-out pants can lighten my step. I have also been amazed at how clothing can impact others. A Zoom call recently in a classy plaid sweater jacket became a great ice-breaker and got people chatting and smiling as they connected on something festive.

I would love to know what your experience has been. What gets and keeps you in high spirits? For me aside from what I choose to wear, another big factor in moving and keeping my spirits in a zone of positivity is consistent and quality exercise. If I’m down one of the first things I do is get my body moving. In particular, I absolutely love to dance, but recently I have seen that a great HIIT cardio workout can do won

Speaking of goals, recently we launched our BB ruffle dress in a beautiful Christmas red and this was a big check-mark on my list for the last little while. I’d love for you to check it out, try it on – to let me know how you feel in it. My goal was to make you feel beautiful and feminine. Another big goal this year was to finally open our own BB design studio and production facility which we did in August. This was a momentous moment for our brand and we hope that you enjoy the locally Canadian made designs coming your way!

As we move into this festive season I invite you to tune into the inner you, to find out what moves you, what brings you to a “higher vibration” and what keeps you there.

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