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How to wear pattern

There are a few things to consider when choosing a pattern. Making sure that that particular pattern is right for you, and knowing how to wear it. Below we break it down for you into bite-size tips.

How to choose the right pattern for you?

If you are someone that is drawn to big pattern but are small in structure, a big pattern can still work for you depending on where it is placed on the garment and the repeat in the pattern itself. Oftentimes a small blended pattern works well for smaller frames and features. A curvy silhouette can generally wear both provided that the undertone colours are correct.

How to make sure that colour suits your skin tone?

First of all, ensure that the overall colour-scheme suits your skin-tone. This will be the colour that most stands out in the outfit. In the picture here the obvious dominant colour is fuschia. In the pants below it is clearly the pink in the flowers.

We will cover this in more detail in a future blog post but basically a quick tip is to stand in lighting that is most representative of where you will be wearing your outfit (eg. Outdoor barbecue, make sure you’re standing by a window. If it’s the office, try to be in a place with a bright-white or “cold-ish” light). Hold the colour against your face and see if it makes you come alive or you feel like you’ve become a cast-member of the Walking Dead. I know, I know, it probably won’t be that dramatic, but the base tone in a colour really does have an impact and you’ll be able to see that immediately.

What to wear with your pattern?

All patterns have a predominant base colour (or two sometimes) that you can pick out and use to pair pants or a top with. You can choose to complement that colour or you can choose a contrast colour that still makes sense with the pattern. In the photo above, black straight-leg capris were chosen as this is the base-colour in the pattern. In general, black, grey, navy and white are often good for both complementing a pattern and for providing a bit of a contrast. In this photo, as I love bold colours, I chose to go with the predominant lipstick pink in the pattern with this light-knit Spring sweater.

Got questions? Would you like help?

Our Fashion Stylists are here to help you consistently pick out the perfect outfit for you, and to help you to LIVE BOLD. Just message us on social media @bonitaboldfashion, email us at, or send us a message via our form here! We can book an in-store (once lockdown restrictions permit) or virtual one-on-one consultation with you.

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