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So you’ve gotten the invite, now what to wear to the wedding?

As so many people had to postpone their nuptials due to the pandemic, many of us have received a wedding invitation (or several) this year. We’re here to help you sort out exactly what to wear.

Here are some tips to make choosing your wedding guest outfit easy.

If you’re the mother of the bride or the groom then it goes without saying that you should wear something a little bit dressier than the rest of the guests as you are an important part of the wedding party. The good news though is that although you have a prime role you will only appear in a couple of formal wedding party photos so you don’t need to overly worry about matching – however try not to choose a conflicting shade! Also, no to black. I know a lot of you love black, but it tends to send the wrong message and no-one wants their mother showing up in black to their wedding. Sorry.

So then, what to wear? Well, if your invite said it’s going to be “casual” or a said something about it being a garden wedding then you get to choose something pretty, comfortable, breathable, and that can be worn again – think of a nice cotton dress in a pretty pattern. There are some truly gorgeous options out there to choose from, and as we keep saying, it’s less about the style of dress and more about what style and colour look good on you and your body shape and skin tone.

If the wedding is a formal day wedding then think knee length or a tea-length dress in a dressier fabric. We have lots of options that fall into this category with our Bonita Bold line such as our V-neck Drape Dress, our Asymmetrical Cape Dress, or our Diamond Cape Dress. The list goes on, and it’s our mission to help you look and feel beautiful when you head off to this love-filled event.

If it’s a formal evening wedding then you can still go with a knee-length dress however you might want to consider adding in some sparkle. You can have rhinestone details on the dress itself or sequin lace, but definitely add in some sparkly jewellery. You could also consider a floor-length dress, just stay away from light champagne and watch the neckline, too deep a V in the back or the front might have wandering eyes on you as the protagonist instead of the bride.

The “barn” wedding can get a bit confusing as these affairs can be quite fancy and formal or venture towards the opposite extreme of being quite casual. You’ll want to speak with someone close to the bride to get her inside view on what the bride is planning for her special day because it could be the difference between choosing a cute A-line floral cotton dress or a fancy chiffon number.

Generally-speaking it’s always better to be over-dressed rather than under-dressed, and it’s definitely important that you wear something that fits you well and complements your body shape and skin tone. Don’t forget flowy palazzo pants and a pretty top can be a great option too. Many women love this as they still look dressy but feel very comfortable all day long.

Prior to heading to the boutique to choose something amazing for you, make sure you know the following:

- whether it's a day or evening wedding

- whether it's formal or informal

- what the wedding party colour is

This allows our Fashion Stylists to properly help you so that you not only look great but that your outfit makes sense in the setting of the wedding.

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