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What's an eco fabric? How can I choose sustainable fashion?

There is a big push these days towards sustainable fashion. More and more people want to buy clothes that decrease their environmental impact but what makes a fabric eco-friendly? Which ones are out there? Are they comfortable?...

What Makes a Fabric Sustainable?

There are many things that make a fabric sustainable, but some of the most important ones are how it is made and the impact it has on the environment.

Some fabrics, like silk, are sustainable because they come from a natural source. Others, like bamboo, are sustainable because they grow quickly and don't require a lot of water or pesticides to grow.

Additionally, fabrics can be sustainable if they are made using environmentally-friendly methods. For example, organic cotton is grown without pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which can harm the environment.

How a fabric is dyed including whether the dye is water-soluble or not, how the dye and its solvent are processed and dealt with afterwards, and how much water is used in the process are all important variables in determining to what degree a fabric is more or less sustainable. Some interesting improvements are being made in this area such as using laser to dye fabrics and to print on them.

What fabrics are sustainable?

So, what should you look for when checking a fabric content label? Look for the following:

- Organic cotton

- Viscose

- Rayon

- Viscose-rayon

- Hemp

- Linen

- Wool (but be careful if you have an allergy)

- Recycled polyester

- Modal

- Fabric made from recycled water bottles (yes! This is a thing! Yay!)

So how are some of these? Well to pick just a few, viscose for example is made from the cellulose of bamboo and wood pulp, rayon from bamboo, trees, cotton, and other natural fibers, and modal from spinning beech tree cellulose. All these fabrics are made from natural materials and are environmentally friendly to produce.

But, are they comfortable?

If you have visions of itchy scratchy hemp you are not alone, but the reality of today’s eco-fabrics is very different.

Sustainable fabrics today like organic cotton, viscose from bamboo, rayon, most linens, and viscose-rayon are all very soft and breathable. Bamboo even has the added benefit of being moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial.

Many are even wrinkle-resistant which is great for travelling.

You can choose an eco-outfit

Choosing clothing made of sustainable fabric is a great way to be more environmentally conscious.

Why not look and feel your best (check out our article ) while supporting the planet?

We use bamboo, organic cotton, viscose, rayon, recycled poly and modal in our clothing line to provide sustainable fashion to our customers. We plan on leaving a smaller footprint, as it's at the core of what we do. Who says you can't wear beautiful, stylish, and unique clothing that's also sustainable?

Check out what our store has to offer!

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