Shopping Safely Protocol


You can rest assured that we have prioritized your safety in anticipation of your next visit.

Choose which way you have the Bonita Bold experience:

  • In-store: Healthy?  Okay wearing a mask and sanitizing?  Come on in!  Please see shopping safely protocols below.

  • By appointment: Book online (before and after store-hours appointments available too!)

  • Shop with us online at

  • Window shop, pay over the phone and pick-up curbside

  • Book a virtual shopping tour!

For your next in-store visit, here is what you can expect:

  • A maximum of 6 people plus two in the fitting room at a time.  Please wait at the door and follow guidance.

  • Masks must be worn at all times.  We provide masks for you so not to worry!  Or you can purchase a quality reusable cotton mask from us too!

  • Please ensure that you are not showing any symptoms of the virus prior to entering: fever, cough, fatigue, shortness of breath

  • All customers to sanitize their hands upon entry and are encouraged to do so when they leave as well.

  • Please ask questions regarding clothing rather than touching.

  • Please keep a two-meter radial distance between yourself and others.

  • Please follow arrows on the floor when there is more than one customer in at a time.

  • Plastic payment is highly encouraged. Tap always available.

  • Your purchase will be given to you in a Bonita Bold bag which is made of recycled material and is recyclable. Personal reusable bags are not permitted at this time.

  • Please note that our store hours are Monday-Saturday 10-4pm

Here is what you can expect from us:

  • Any clothing tried on but not purchased will go into quarantine for a period of 48h or will be steamed at a temperature of 70°C or more to kill germs.

  • Fashion stylist attending to customers and any employee on the premises are to wear a face mask at all times

  • All staff have been trained on how to properly wear gloves and face masks and how to remove them safely.

  • All high-frequency surfaces are disinfected after each use: door knobs, payment system, changing rooms, counters, entrance

  • Alcohol-based hand sanitizer is provided through-out the store: entrance, fitting room, and at cash.

  • All staff to take their temperature with an accurate thermometer prior to reporting to work. All staff agree that if they are above the 37°C mark then they will not come into work in order to protect everyone. If they have been working up until the day they show a sign of the virus, the establishment will be temporarily closed to allow thorough disinfecting prior to re-opening

  • All staff have their own personal alcohol-based hand sanitizer available to them at all times as well.

  • All staff are asked to thoroughly wash their hands on a frequent basis

  • Air exchanger is constantly running

  • High-tech UV-C & Hepa filter air purifier by AirOasis removes bacteria & viruses from the air at all times

  • All staff have been informed of and are on the constant look-out for symptoms of COVID-19 both in themselves and customers wishing to enter the premises.

  • Management constantly monitoring all safety protection protocols to ensure consistent compliance

We welcome you!

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